The Finest Voice Talent

  We work with some of the finest and most well-known voice artists in the UK

Same Day Voiceovers

We are proud to work with some of the finest and most in-demand voice artists in the UK, providing flexible voiceover services for a number of leading video production companies and broadcast media.

Whether you have a video project – require audio for the web – or for a powerpoint presentation, we can help!

Foreign Language Voiceovers

Need a voiceover in Hebrew, German, French, Welsh or almost any other language? No problem! We can even help with translating your scripts.

Have an existing video or presentation? We can take care of the re-edit, so that your foreign language voice file matches up with your video timeline.

Our Voice Artists

Paul Smith and Ian James are our in-house voice artists and are generally in the studio every day.  Ideal if you need a voice over or telephone message urgently.

Below you’ll find a selection of voice artists who have good current availability. Don’t forget, we work with many more – so please get in touch!


Paul has spent over twenty years working for the BBC and commercial radio. From 1995 until 2001 he was a presenter on Manchester’s Key 103 when the station almost topped 1 million listeners per week and later became programme manager for Magic 1152.


Ian’s previously presented and produced radio programmes for a number of high profile commercial radio groups and the BBC. A registered equity voice over artist you will have probably heard his voice on hundreds of commercials on television and radio.

Female Voice Artists


A premier-league voice artist, Gloria has a strong, corporate voice with dynamic delivery.


Bea’s well-known voice is professional, precise, warm, friendly and classy.


Jackie is one of the most in-demand artists in the UK and the in-store voice of Marks & Spencer.


The sought-after voice of Apple Customer Services in the UK!


Ella is the instantly recognisable voice of many radio and TV campaigns in the UK.


Elisa’s voice is fun, fresh, upbeat and young with a dynamic delivery.

Male Voice Artists


John’s recognisable voice is stylish, dynamic and corporate.


Dan’s recognisable voice is heard on many national radio and TV campaigns.

Foreign Language Voice Artists

Here’s a selection of some of the artists we have worked with recently. We can provide voiceovers in almost any language.


Maria once represented Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest.. Today, she’s our most popular Spanish voice artist!


Veronique’s voice is very well known in France and she’s one of our most popular voice artists.


Amanda is a continuity presenter on ZDF German TV and is much loved by our customers.


No Job too small

From a simple telephone message to a narration for a BBC documentary, no job is too small or too big!


Competitive Rates

All our EQUITY voice artists work to a standard industry ratecard.


Same Day Service

Paul Smith & Ian James are in our studio every day – but all our artists offer quick response at no extra cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a voiceover cost?
The cost of your voiceover will depend on your project and how long the script is.  Our voice artists work to the industry standard EQUITY guidelines and will charge accordingly.  Some projects – such as a voiceover for a TV commercial will have a higher cost against a voiceover for a web video.

In addition to the voiceover cost, we also quote including studio and post-production fees.

Do you provide celebrity voiceovers?
Yes of course!  We have access to the full EQUITY membership.  Please bear in mind that well-known and celebrity artists will normally charge in excess of the standard EQUITY rate card and may also impose usage fees and restrictions.  They are also at liberty to decline any project.

Get In Touch

Why not give us a call on 01925 984044 to discuss your requirements – or send us a message!