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On Hold Marketing


How does your business sound in 2021?  If your phone system sends callers into silence or electronic tones when being transferred between colleagues or when placed on hold, you are missing a golden opportunity.

Ensure that the first point of contact with your company is a positive one

Image is everything.  Clear and concise voice recordings convey a professional image from the outset.  On Hold Messages give your business a competitive edge – they provide a positive customer experience – and give you a powerful platform to promote your products, services, news, events and offers!

Discover our unique and creative approach. Our services are flexible, affordable and refreshingly simple, with no long-term contracts or terms & conditions for you to worry about!

Without doubt, on hold audio is one of the most innovative, affordable and cost-effective marketing tools available today…

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1 Minute Read: What is On Hold Marketing?

Think of on hold marketing as an audio file that continuously plays through your telephone system.

Callers to your business hear this when they are placed on hold – or when the call is being transferred between departments and colleagues.

The audio file is a mix of professionally voiced messages and background music which are bespoke to your business.

The messages can include information about your business and provide an easy way to alert your callers to any special promotions, events or offers that you may have.

Research shows that more than 85% of all business calls are placed on hold and average hold time is 38 seconds. That is longer than a standard radio commercial.

Research conducted by British Telecom in 2020 confirmed that callers have a more positive impression of the business they are calling  – and are less likely to hang up – when they hear music and messages on hold, compared to when hearing silence or electronic tones. 

In today’s competitive world – where the customer experience is paramount, on hold marketing provides you with an extremely effective and cost-effective way of delivering an exceptional customer experience.










The UK’s most flexible telephone audio solutions


We provide everything you need for your telephone system, from the initial greeting and out of hours message to fully-flexible on hold messages that can be changed as often as you need.

On hold Marketing takes your business image to the next level.  It enhances the customer experience and provides a platform to promote your products and services, events, product launches and much more.  We offer a one-time purchase production – or a package including updates so that you can change your audio seasonally, or as and when you need to.

A one-time purchase production is just that.  There’s no annual renewal fee or licence cost to pay.  If you take an update package, our working agreement is for 12 months only – and there’s no complicated cancellation terms or renewal policies.

Reactive Audio is one of the longest-established telephone audio providers in the UK and over the years, we’ve built an enviable reputation for delivering first-class audio and customer service.  Partner with us and we’ll ensure that your audio is never out of date.


Speak to us.  We will tailor a package based exactly on your needs – including unlimited updates over 12 months for one set cost.


80% of all business calls in the UK are placed on hold or are transferred between colleagues

38 seconds is the average time spent on hold

Executives spend 15 minutes a day on hold


94% of marketing budgets are spent on inducing a customer to call, while only 6% is spent on handling the call once it is received

  • Research results conducted by British Telecom, AT&T, USA Today and Marketing Weekly

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost?

Although we do have a standard rate card, with telephone messages starting from just £25 a message, we prefer to give you an accurate no-obligation quotation based exactly on your needs.  The price quoted will take into account the amount of messages you require, the voice artist(s) you have selected and the music choice.  We are open and honest about our pricing and there are no set up costs, hidden charges or licences required.

Will this work on my telephone system?

More than likely!  The majority of modern day telephone systems have either a “MOH” input port (so you can simply plug and play – often without the need of an engineer) or they have a computer interface where you can upload files and make them live on your system.  Still unsure?  Call us and have a chat, we’ll be pleased to help!

Can I make changes to a single production?

Of course!  Within 12 months of purchase, you can amend existing or add additional messages (a fee applies) – or we can edit out any messages for you at no additional cost.

Do I need to buy equipment or have it professionally installed?

You don’t need to buy equipment from us.  Your phone system may already have a music facility – in which case you only need the audio files.  Most modern phone systems have a “MOH” port and you can simply plug and play a playback device to this connection.  Occasionally, you may need to ask your telephone engineer to install or programme your equipment.

I have multiple sites - do I get a discount?

Of course!  Additional sites are chared at a percentage cost of the main site.  We can often even tailor additional site audio at no additional cost.

What about front end and out of hours messages?

These are called Auto Attendant / System / IVR messages.  We can provide these as a standalone service – or as part of a on hold marketing recording or package.  We can often supply these the same day.  Professional telephone recordings help to convey the right image of your business – making it sound professional and efficient from the very first point of contact.

No minimum contract?

We offer two ways of servicing your telephone audio needs.  Our “one off” production is just that – one audio production with a one-time payment.  You can use this recording for as many years as you like, with no further fees to pay. We also offer packages where you can update your audio recordings on a regular basis – over the course of 12 months.  As these recordings tend to have time-sensitive information, events or promotions, they are not designed to be repeated year after year.  Our working agreement is for one year only.  At the end of the year – you don’t have to take out another package with us.  In fact, you are free to continue using the recordings we have provided for you, at no extra cost (although of course, some of the audio may be out of date).