Music On Hold

One time puchase £179

Music On Hold


Music on hold is a simple and affordable solution which includes your company name, strap line and website address – together with courtesy announcements and background music.  This is ideal if you don’t need promotional messages or need to update your audio. This is a one-time purchase recording, with no music licence or renewal fees.

A licence paid music CD can cost around £150 for lifetime use.  For just a little extra, we will tailor the recording with a professional voice artist to include your company details.

In a recent British Telecom study, 87% of callers said they preferred hearing music on hold and were less likely to hang up against hearing silence or electronic tones whilst on hold.

Order your bespoke recording for £179 (plus VAT) today – simply complete the form below and we’ll get to work right away!  Pay nothing now – we’ll send you an invoice.  Your audio will be delivered to you within 3 working days!


One time purchase

Your bespoke recording comes with a lifetime music licence


Professional Voice Artists

Your recording will feature both male and female voice artists


Quick Delivery

Order today and your recording will be with you within 3 days!


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 If you’re looking for a quality business number service and competitive prices too, you’ve come to the right place!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included for £179?

We’ll provide you with a music track mixed with professional courtesy announcements (such as “Thank you for holding, we’ll be with you shortly” and “please continue to hold” – also, your company name, strap line and website address.  This will be repeated throughout the recording.

Do I have to have the "courtesy" announcements?

Not at all!  If you simply want the music track with your company name, strapline and website address – please leave us a note in  the comments box before you submit your order!

Can I use this recording at multiple locations?

Yes, no problem!  Your recording is provided with a lifetime music licence and can be used at multiple locations, at no additional cost.

Do I need a Music Licence PRS / MCPS to use this on my system?

No.  The music is licence paid and is exempt of PRS and MCPS.   Your recording comes complete with a lifetime music licence agreement which we’ll send to you for your records.  Please note this agreement only covers the audio we have produced for your telephone system and not for any other music or public performance.

Can I choose the music and voice artist?
You are free to choose your preferred music style from the popular selections shown – or we will choose one for you, based on what we feel suits your business.  Our music library contains thousands of tracks so if there is a specific style you would prefer, please indicate in the notes box before you place your order.

Your recording will be produced using a combination of our male and female voice artists.  In order to offer you this great value service, we use spare voice artist session capacity to create your audio, and therefore cannot guarantee a particular artist for your recording.  Your recording will however feature 1 male and 1 female artist as available on our voice artist page.

How and when do I receive my audio?

Once you submit your order, we will send you an invoice and will schedule your recording.  On receipt of your payment, we’ll deliver your audio within 3 working days, normally much sooner!  Our normal delivery is by MP3 file to the email address you supplied – however – if you require your audio in another format (such as WAV / A-LAW / 8000hz) just let us know!